Monday, July 19, 2010

A Walk Down Pruneridge Ave

There is so much more to see when you get out of the car and take a stroll. There are so many small things you never notice before, little details that need some attention paid to them. Today, I took a walk down Pruneridge Ave.

I stopped to smell the roses, so to speak, and these beautiful gems too.

I stopped to take my picture in the shiny hubcaps of this cool classic car. We were matching in powder blue, so it seemed fitting.

I think these are olive. But I don't really know.

I haven't had to push one of these buttons in a while.

I just held the camera at my side as I crossed Lawrence Expy and snapped away. Kinda cool, I thought.

And just exactly why did I decide to take this stroll down Pruneridge Ave? It wasn't for fresh air and excersize, it wasn't so I would have a cool blog topic. It's because this morning, while driving down Pruneridge Ave, the new brakes on the car gave out on me.

I really need to consider getting rid of my mechanic, but I think I'll keep him as a husband.