Monday, July 5, 2010

Fishing do-over

Since the fishing trip yesterday came up empty, it was decided that we needed to give the ocean a try. We got up early, way too early, to drive north to the SF Muni Pier. That pier was closed when we got there. Then we scrambled all over the city for a while trying to find another place, then to a tackle shop to ask them where to fish. After $105 was spent in that tackle shop on new poles, we made it to Fort Point, so beautifully right next to Golden Gate Bridge. Yet it was so mind boggling freezing. This is July, right?
Here's a gigantic load of all the crap we get in from China.
When we were coming up empty in the fish department again, Terry decided to buy a crabbing net for $20 from a guy at the pier. Just as we were packing it in, and calling it a day, Terry was taking all the stuff to the car, and I pulled up the crab net to find this little guy in my net. We were so happy. We finally caught something. Alexis wanted to eat it for dinner soooooo bad. Too bad he was a dungeness crab. There is a $1000 fine for keeping dungeness crab you catch inside the San Francisco Bay. So, we had to throw back the only thing we caught in two days of fishing.

Still, it was nice to sit and see the bay bridge to the left, and this city view to the right.

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  1. Gotta love that beautiful bridge! I LOVE that city, just love it. Visiting. Yep, it's cold in July, go figure. Come back to Phoenix and you'll be over the cold in no time! Promise! I love those pictures of SF! Thanks for sharing. xo