Monday, July 12, 2010

I'd say it's more yellow and bumpy, than green

The success in my little backyard garden is rather hit and miss this year. I have one tomato plant that has grown to great lengths, overtaken it's little cage, yet hasn't given me one single tomato. I have two others which remain pretty small and on the verge of death that are producing tomatoes. My cilantro it about 5 feet tall. There is a strawberry plant I planted last year and died, but relives this year. There's mint growing that I never even planted. I planted stevia, which is holding up well, and the most interesting thing I think I tried growing this year. My squash plant is absolutely gigantic. But apparently my green thumb is a little more yellow and bumpy. This bizarre yellow thing is the squash I grew. I am hoping someone with some gardening knowledge can tell me just exactly what happened here. I'm am clueless.

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