Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blue Moon and Candlelight

Today, I had nothing for you. I spent today going to open houses, playing with my new bread machine (new to me, thank you Freecycle!), and relaxing on the back patio with a bottle of Bordeaux. It was in the back of my mind all day that I needed to find something to photograph, and I did take my camera with me everywhere I went today. Then I began to ponder the reason for the blog. Was it to merely post a picture a day? If so, I was going to post another one of my stunning self-portraits from yesterday. Or was it to actually take a photograph every single day. Ultimately, I knew it was the latter. So, I have for you a photograph of very little thought. The candlelight was glowing on the table on the patio and reflecting off Terry's bottle of Blue Moon. It's a picture of no merit, not even very interesting. Something I might have taken as a freshman in college. But, I did photograph it today, moments ago in fact. So, I continue to keep to my promise of photographing every day.

And just in case you came here to see something interesting, here's that really awesome self portrait I was going to post.

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