Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lexi in the kitchen

I told Alexis yesterday that she could make a cake on Friday. Friday is the next dessert day, she's only allowed dessert two days a week, Tuesday and Friday were her choice. This morning, she was already in my pantry pulling out cake mixes to decide what to make. She really wanted to bake something today. "How long will a cake last?", she asked several times, hoping she could bake it today and eat it Friday. I wouldn't let her make the cake today, but compromised with her on a muffin mix she could make all on her own. She reminds me so much of my younger self, my mom let us bake on our own from an early age.
She has no idea I even took this picture, she is not a "picture person". I had to sneak around the corner and shoot very quick. So, this one is just between you and me.

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