Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pet Peeves

Have I really become one of those people?
Pictures of your pets are like pictures of your kids. You can look at them all day long, every one makes you ooh and ah about how adorable yours is, and no one will take a cuter picture, EVER!

Those people annoy me.

No one else really wants to see a twenty pictures of your kid eating mushy peas. No one else wants to see twenty pictures of your dog chasing a ball.
But now, I take pictures of my silly little doggie, and I ooh and ah about how adorable he is. And I want to put all those pictures of him on Facebook and Flickr, and hope everyone else oohs and ahs at him too.

I am feeling so much self loathing right now.

And the poor bearded dragons get no love anymore, so I had to include a picture of Alex. Please hold in all those oohs and ahs.

Can I break the record for how many times the words ooh and ah are used in a blog entry?

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the pic of Ninja. The other thing; YUCK!!