Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SV View and Moldy Sponge Mt

Click on photo for larger view

In order to keep the kiddo from fattening up all summer, I vow to keep her active. Today was a 3.4 mile hike in the Foothills Open Space Preserve in Palo Alto. We took Ninja (our mutt) too, and he was quite pooped out from all the hiking. Ninja no likey the hikey. At the top of the hill, there is marvelous views of Silicon Valley. Everything was visible, the San Francisco Bay, Moffet Air Field, all the way to the mountains in the East Bay.

This picture ended up here on my page because my daughter told me this mountain looks like a sponge with mold on it (she is referring to that yellow hill in the middle of the picture). Then she insisted I take a picture, and told me it should be my picture of the day. So, since she's such a fan (haha, right), I oblige her.

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