Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All is well at the Spicuzza Zoo

click on photo for larger view

The amount of pets in this place is ever increasing, but it's good to see them getting along. This is Alex on the left, and Ninja on the right.


  1. That is quite a picture. I really like it. You would never see anything like that in the wild. But it shows what can happen with the right enviornment. Mom

  2. HOLY CROW! So what was Ninja's initial reaction? Or is this it? What did the lizard do after getting a face wash from the pup? Cute.

  3. Ninja is always excited to see the beardies. He doesn't take his eye off them when they are out. I'm not sure if he wants to play with them, or eat them. The beardie seemed unaffected by his doggie bath.