Wednesday, June 2, 2010

&@#! Remotes!

Click on photo for larger view
Gripe of the day: Too many #!%* remotes! My husband came home from Best Buy with a new tv the other day (lesson: never let husband shop alone). The tv actually has some cool features, that can only be controlled by it's remote. So, now we add another remote.
From left to right:
  1. The cable remote, to turn on the tv and cable box, change channels and view the guide.
  2. The new tv remote. to control picture modes, and control devices through the USB on the tv, and many many more things.
  3. The sound system remote, to control volume, also be used when switching devices.
  4. Playstation remote, used to control dvd's and Netflix.
Then there is the dog, who jumps, stands, and sleeps on the remotes- This picture was in no way staged! Then we have to figure what mystery button he had pushed, for which device, and what obscure mode he has managed to change it to.

Too %&!@ many remotes.


  1. Time for a super remote from Logitech

  2. My lady has five.

    1. Windows Media Player/XBox 360 remote (Netflix)
    2. DVD player remote
    3. Stereo remote
    4. Cable Box remote
    5. TV remote

    I am sure she feels your pain, Chris.

  3. Looks like my delimma... how does that happen?