Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4th grade BBQ

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It was a day for the 4th graders to let loose and have some fun on the eve of the last day of school. I was cooking on the grill, one of several grills, because there are so many dietary concerns of her very multi-cultural class. On my grill, I was making exclusively veggie burgers, for the non-meat eaters, then there were also regular beef hamburgers on another grill. For hot dogs, we had to get all beef hot dogs for the non-pork eaters, and had to get pork hot dogs for the non-beef eaters, and make certain they were cooked on separate grills. I think we should have just ordered cheese pizza for everyone and called it a day, but wait, then there would be issues with the non-dairy eaters. Damn, it just can't be easy. I feel really old when saying this, but it's just not like it was way back in the old days.

After the meal, the kids played a host of games, and I caught this pic while they were playing the water balloon toss game. I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped this shot before I had time to check any settings on the camera. It just happened to catch the exact moment the balloon was bursting in my daughter's hand. But without getting the settings right, it's a bit overexposed and blown out. After that, I could try again and again, and never recreate this perfect timing from the first pic with very poor exposure. Murphy's Law, right?

Tomorrow, my last day of freedom till August.

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  1. Chris, the photo is fantastic. You have a wonderful gift. Look forward to you taking pics of my family.