Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Turtle Rescue

We made a terrible mistake today, we showed up to the Cal Academy of Art on what turned out to be the 1 free day per month.  The line went on for over a half mile, no joke, nor exaggeration.  So, we passed on that circus.
We were already in beautiful Golden Gate Park, so we took a stroll around our favorite spot, Stow Lake.  There's a path around the lake, and a few bridges crossing the water to get to an island in the middle.  There's a waterfall, a chinese pagoda, and lots of little critters all around.
Along the way, we spotted this turtle on a sloping bank.  He looked like he was heading uphill.  As I was trying to take his picture, he seemed agitated and snapped a few times.  Soon, we came to realize that he was stuck in his present spot.  He tried and tried to climb in any direction, but only managed to dig himself deeper into the nook in which we lay.  So, our good deed for the day was to point him back downhill and he quickly scurried back to the water.

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