Wednesday, August 4, 2010

testing... testing...1-2-3

So, today I was trying to get a good action shot of my doggie, Ninja, running through the back yard; a shot I have been trying to get since we brought him home three months ago.  He's a fast little bugger, my yard is a bit small, and my camera is a bit slow.  So I have yet to get a shot I like.  Well, today while trying to get that coveted shot once again, I laid in my grass, which is a hazard in and of itself, and held the camera in front of my face at about a 15-18 inch height off the ground, eye level with my poochie.  Called out for my Ninja to run to me, and he did.  He didn't stop.  Nor did he dodge, turn, nor jump over me.  He ran full force into the lens of my camera (wish I had that shot).  There was a rather loud thud of skull meeting lens. then clicking and rattling from my lens.  I checked out the dog, he seemed ok, and gave me his regular "I'm sorry" look.  But the camera was still in questionable condition.  So far, so good, but there is still definitely something loose and rattling in there.  So, I had to do some testing on it to see if it's all working ok.

So, I took a picture of the fishing frog and Bruce Lee that adorn the desk in the office/library/endless crap room we have.

I wasn't certain if it was completely sharp, so I messed a little with focus and depth of field. 

Then I just thought it'd be silly if Bruce Lee kung-fu'd you with a Ricola.  
The thick layer of dust on the desk stands as a testament that the PC is dead in La Casa de Spicuzza, and receives little attention.

I'm still pretty bummed, because I know the rattling inside my camera cannot be a good thing, and worry that every picture might be my last.  It's been a great camera, I've only had it a year now, and really don't have the money to replace it.  So, unless a wealthy person with big heart wants to buy me a new set-up, I must treasure every picture that comes out of my camera, because they could be my last for a while.  I will certainly not be a happy gal if that's the case.


  1. This really made me laugh!! We have 3 dogs and I share your frustration. One is super lazy so it's hard to get anything of her in an upright position, one is terrified of everything (including my camera)so I have lots of pics of her slinking away and one that is full on curious, so I end up with lots of giant nose and eye pics, but not much else!

    I just found you today by linking to your photos from (Ape w/ Nintendo) and I've really enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your photos.

  2. I too have just found you today,, via the ape with the video game, your pic of burce lee and the frog, make me smile evertime i look at it, ,just wanted to says thanks for the smile, i really needed it today,,, great pics,