Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home Sweet Maybe?

We are one step closer to home ownership, maybe.  We wrote an offer on the house pictured above.  That's my daughter and our wonderful realtor, Bill.  It's a short sale, which is so prevalent in today's market.  The difference between Silicon Valley and most of the rest of the country is, houses still sell fast and sell high here.  We were told the bank will likely not accept our first bid, but that opens the door to negotiation.  They have had a few offers already, but people have walked away because the banks just take too long to answer.  We are willing to be patient, and see what happens.  I won't get my heart set on anything just yet, but we really like the house.

This is a pic from the apple tree in the back yard.  Along with an orange tree and lemon tree. Apple pie anyone?


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! - Mom

  2. Keep us posted... Short Sales are always a bit more difficult... but if the house is worth it, hang in there! Cant wait to see the rest of it!