Friday, September 17, 2010

New Crocs

My daughter lives in Crocs.  Those hideous fashion nightmares and molded of an alien material,  have adorned her feet for at least half her life.  She will wear no other shoes, unless she must.  Thank goodness Crocs are not allowed at school.  Today we went on a shopping trip to the outlet mall in Milpitas.  They have a Crocs outlet store, in which she found these gems.  These are no ordinary Crocs, these are fuzzy, fleece lined Crocs that she can wear all winter long.  Crocs aren't just for summer anymore, yipee! (Please read my sarcasm in all that).  Despite the near 80 degrees and unseasonable humidity today, she is still wearing her wonderful new Crocs, no matter how much she says her feet are sweating in them.


  1. I don't understand. Your daughter is black, but your photo is of a white woman and your husband looks asian?

    Did you cheat on him you horrible person?

  2. Why must a child look like someone to call them "Dad"? She could be adopted. She could be a step-child. There could be many reasons why my family's complexions are all different. But cheating on my husband is not one of them. So, I guess that makes you the horrible person for being such an ass for no good reason other to attempt to put people down. Get a life and please, please, please, stop reading about mine.