Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bark in the Park

Today was the annual San Jose Bark in the Park.

Ninja took part in the costume contest, but didn't really have a chance.  He was wearing his Ohio State Buckeyes football jersey.  We think the judges must have been from Michigan.

Dorothy and the Scarecrow, part of the foursome that came in second place in the costume contest.  The cowardly lion is nearby, chewing in his mane, and the tin man was busy trying to get the silver funnel off it's head.

Ninja tried out some agility training.  This is the only apparatus he totally mastered.

Pup Chef.

A crowd of small children formed around this micro tiny chihuahua.  

These would be the lovely toes of a dainty Great Dane, and a boy doggie as well. 

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