Saturday, August 6, 2011

Phonography 101

I have never been fond of phone photography.  I scoff at the notion that my phone will someday completely replace my camera. HA!  But I have just discovered an app that makes me actually interested in shooting with my phone.  It takes all the flaws of the camera phone and amplifies them, in a good way. 
I spent years altering film to get freaky results, off colors, odd focus, confusing light spots.  It was all done in the name off art, not error.  Without film, I have not been able to enjoy that any longer.  Yet this app comes close.  It takes that flawed exposure, questionable focus, and spotty resolution of a camera phone and makes it into what cross processing and pin hole cameras did so many years ago.  It doesn't work all that well, it took 43 shots to get something I thought was usable, and then I still had to lighten it up in Photoshop.  But, I just might reach for my phone every now and again before my camera.

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